Capturing and curating history for social good.

How much time do we give to really getting to know people around us, especially those older than us or those from a different cultural background?  What do we know about their childhood dreams, their favourite pastimes and who inspired them to be the people that they are today? 

We all agree that diversity is even more beautiful than similarity, and that the older generations are a fundamentally important part of our community.  But if we all take the time to really get to know each other and take each other’s stories on as our own, all of our lives will be enriched. 

We bring stories to the community; through facilitated conversations and storytelling, we create intimate settings - safe spaces - for people to share their stories and experiences deeply and naturally.  We use parts of the stories we capture to promote and celebrate the history of people in the community.  We hope to inspire interaction across generations and preserve cultural heritage for the future. 

If you would like more information about who we are or what we do, drop us a comment in the Sign Up page or email knowyournation@gmail.com


Helena Cohen-Robertson is a longstanding history buff. A Londoner, she studied Modern History at Oxford University before moving to Perth. Helena has always loved to learn as much as possible about the stories and cultural backgrounds of others. Sitting down to hear others regale stories and experiences has always been an important part of her cultural upbringing.

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