Capturing and curating history for social good.

When people listen intimately to other's stories they learn a lot about themselves.  Together, we can better understand each other and preserve the heritage of our community.  


We work with clients and community to respectfully showcase stories we have captured together.


We build workshops and programmes that provide tools to capture personal stories, and acknowledge and celebrate their value.  


We facilitate conversations and storytelling within the community, such as between you and the person whose stories and memories you would like to capture, in an environment where life won't interrupt.  

Sessions last just over an hour and are free of charge.  Once you have been welcomed by the Know Your Nation representative, you and the storyteller - with a simple recording device - will be alone together to discuss personal history in any way that comes naturally.  We provide a briefing pack in advance, containing advice and example questions, which you may choose to use as a guide.  You will obtain a copy of the full audio and a professional photograph, taken during the session, for you and your family to treasure.

We provide a copy of all audio we capture to the State Library of WA to ensure that we preserve local heritage.


We record histories through informal conversation, conducted in one or more home visits.


We work to provide innovative ways to minimise the risk of social isolation and loneliness among seniors and others in the community. See our recent collaboration The Garden Party Collective.

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