Cupcakes for dad

Perth community history 1940s family

While talking to this fascinating lady about her childhood in country Western Australia, she recalled a family pastime making cupcakes for her father.

"When we were kids, if mum was cooking, we would all stand round the table - us 3 girls anyway in the family, not the boy - and we had little toy egg beaters. And mum would put that little bit of sugar and that little bit of butter and break up an egg - one egg would do the 3 of us - just to make a cupcake for dad's afternoon tea.

And then we'd all stand around while he ate 'em to see which was the best, you know. So I can remember, yea, standing there with this bloody little egg beater.

He could never find out which one was the best. They were all good, you know.

Typical dads!"