September Sessions- 23 September 2015

Our four-day programme with the City of Fremantle kicks off tomorrow! We can’t wait to capture the stories of people who live in this historic, pulsing beauty of a town.

So why join the conversation?

Sitting down and really talking, without phones and TV and other electronic paraphernalia is a fundamental part of life that these days we don't really give enough time to.

For the storyteller, it feels good to speak about yourself and to really be heard. Discussing fond memories from your past allows you to re-experience glimmers of how good you felt at that time. And, the process of explaining details about a past experience often leads you to remember things that you haven't thought of for years; tiny details, which you don't know you still remember until they fall out of your mouth.

For the listener, there is no feeling quite like that of the privilege of sharing somebody's history. Doing so gives us an enormous sense of wellbeing and offers us a deeper closeness to the storyteller.

If we can get everybody talking and listening in this manner we will be a closer community and a community in which preconceived assumptions and barriers are broken down.  We will also enjoy a shared history and assist in preserving our cultural heritage.