A Christmas wish - 22 December 2015

I was welcomed last week to the morning tea of a warm and friendly retirement village, known for its collegiate atmosphere and popular group activities. 

Whilst sitting with a cup of tea in my hand and a piece of cake on my plate, a resident told me that she and her neighbours in the village sadly attend the funerals of fellow residents with some frequency.  She pointed out that hearing the eulogy in each case is the hardest part; when a son, daughter or sibling speak about the life of the person, the entire village learn much about their past for the first time. 

The resident told me that at the last funeral she attended, she found out that the deceased had come from northern Europe, spoke 5 languages, played several musical instruments and, together with her sister, been a preeminent psychologist.  "I can't believe I never knew that about her.  I would have loved to have talked about her past with her and heard her stories."

A story untold is a story lost; so this Christmas make sure you ask and listen while you're around the table - we should all celebrate those we love!