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I love Kwinana because it is quiet. I love the community because I feel like a real member of it.  I believe that everyone should come together and be open about their passions and their thoughts – what you like and what you don’t like – so that the community gets closer and better understands each other.  To all Thai people in Australia, think about who you represent and what you want.  Go and be independent and make the most of yourself.


I’m born in Suphan Buri, in Thailand, there’s just some small town named [Doem Bang] Nang Buat. 

I have one brother.  He, maybe, 9 years younger than me.  It just, like, very strange because every time when he crying, his tear that had some blood come out, and, like, scary me.  And then we have to took him to go to some local doctor – again – is not the hospital but a local doctor, and he just make some medicine with the, some small ‘mortar’. Make like a paste and he grabbed the paste in his finger and put in the mouth.  Screaming, the boy screaming – oh my god. But yea, it worked! It gone. You see some movie, like, you know, like local magic thing, and yea, this is surprise!

And that village – what you can call –look like some townhouse but it wooden, just one floor. We have to be friend because with next door just one wall.  You have to share together.  It really close, sometimes you can hear what next door are saying.

Because every time, if you have good neighbour, like sometime when you making some food you always sharing with some people from next door, or your neighbour.  So sometime you go to fishing and then you catch some big fish and then you have to cook it all but you cannot finish it by yourself or your family, so you have to share. We don’t never have food for keep for next day. Always just fresh cooking every day.

Yea, mostly the women stay at home and do something like a do the garden thing, and the man alway goes out, to do, I think they always go out to do the field, the rice field, something like that.  But sometimes they go together. Because some in high, really high season to have a lot of people –we, some small community to like, if some house need some worker, like, we call a ‘long kag’, that mean everyone in that state or that village come to helping to take the rice out, and make sure, and put in the same, and they helping together for this house.  And then if another house we do the same, like a community, we do together. Like we sharing some time; ‘oh you can take some rice, this one’s for yourself’.

My hobby; I have hobby is…actually, no hobby.  Do cooking. Because you make your own food and go to school, and when come back from school you have to come to helping auntie business, because she sell some dessert in the market in the morning.  So you have to prepare the - everything.