Know Your Community: Our Stories




The exhibition Our Stories is a celebratory showcase of the Town of Victoria Park’s diversity, community spirit and strength. 
Know Your Nation spoke to 20 people – some attending with family - who have lived or worked in or near the Town. Over a cup of tea and, in some cases, a box of tissues, together we captured some of their stories and memories. What started out as an intergenerational piece focussing on preserving and sharing community history became a frank and open discussion on identity, place-making and courage.  The stories are a surprising display of strength and vitality by the Town’s community that warrants celebration. 

Our Stories illustrates Victoria Park’s marked diversity in age, as well as background.  An ancient land enjoyed for thousands of years by many, Victoria Park has always been “home”. These people form the backbone of our community and its heritage.  For others, Victoria Park is the place of choice to settle after immigrating to Australia.  In these cases the Town has provided a welcome, support and vibrancy, encouraging them to remain and build their future. 
For the Town, established residents, and its newer community members tell a story worth hearing.  We hope you enjoy Our Stories, and getting re-acquainted with our roots. 
We are diverse and we are many, yet we share a common bond that holds us together.