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I would have gone to university, I even had the cheek to apply to Oxford, but I got pregnant so I didn’t.  It was just a teenage thing, you know.  I wasn’t the happiest of children so was just jubilant at getting a boyfriend and did all I could to keep him, so I never said no! I was fairly naive actually, because I didn’t even think that I could have been pregnant.  It wasn’t until my mother told me.  I could actually get up, do the whole washing, getting ready and saying good bye to everyone around the times that I had to be sick – I could time it all so I could hide it.  And that’s exactly what I did.  But I obviously did not hide it well enough.  I got up one morning and mum just got hold of me and shouted in my face ‘when was your last period’.  I started carrying on getting ready for college but my mum said ‘there’s no point doing that, you can go and get yourself a bloody job’.  So that was that.

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