social enterprise history vic pk

I am a descendant of both the coloniser and the colonised.  

Knowledge would be imparted through action.  By the time I came along, things were a little bit looser.  Like, my older siblings didn’t hear very much at all.  I actually never really grew up being told I was Aboriginal.  I always grew up being told I was Bard, and by my mum, about Yindjibarndi.  When I was little I used to see these big trucks rolling in, with cages on them.  There’d be all these Aboriginal people on them, packed to the hilt.  My mum said that they were natives, and that we were coloured - that some people called us ‘half caste’.  We’re not full blood, like the natives on the mission. I’ll be damned if I’m going to be called a half breed. 

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