Hari and Krishan

I never thought that I would be moving to Uganda; we were told to go a place where I didn’t know anyone, where I didn’t have a clue what to do. It was completely new business. But I did achieve it.  Later, we were thrown out of Uganda by Idi Amin.  It was a traumatic situation.  We were required to leave within 90 days.  I did not leave, I stayed as long as I could to protect the family business.  But there was no law and order; one hundred thousand locals were killed.  I saw people killed in front of me during those 90 days.  

Edit: This was one of those conversations – between grandfather and grandson - where several topics were covered, each more beautiful than the next.  We had to provide you with a taster of each in order that you did not miss out.  Hari has lived several lives, including living in India and West Africa before being sent to Uganda for business.  After fleeing from Uganda Hari joined the rest of his family in safety.  Quite recently, he immigrated to Australia. Krishan led Hari through his past during their session. Hear more here.  Duration: 4 mins 09 secs